Getting Started

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CAM UnZip is designed to be extremely easy to use while also making advanced features available to those who want and need them.





Installation is fast and easy.  Simply download and run the setup EXE file to install on any Windows computer.





Once installed you can run CAM UnZip by clicking the icon on the Start Menu or Desktop. If you chose to associate CAM UnZip with ZIP files (which is optional during installation) you can click on any ZIP file in Explorer, My Computer or the Desktop and the ZIP file will be opened automatically.



Basic Usage


The most basic (and most common) usage for CAM UnZip is to open a ZIP archive and extract all files from it.  To do this simply double click the ZIP archive file in Explorer or open it using the Open ZIP Archive button on the main screen then click the Extract button to extract all files to the specified folder.


For more information see the How Do I... section.



This page is part of the user manual for CAM UnZip, a free, easy to use ZIP software utility from CAM Development