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New in V5.2


By default, if the set of files being added to a zip archive contain a common path, relative paths are now stored in the ZIP file.
New option Force Full Paths used to force the full paths of all files to be stored in the ZIP file (check this for previous default behavior).
All relevant options are now initially unset when a command line is used and you set those you want explicitly with flags. (In the previous version if the option was set by default or set and remembered in the UI, there was no way to un-set it.  Additionally, remembering options in the UI could change the behavior of the command line, which was confusing and could result in undesired results.)
Files to add box is now resized when resizing the main window.
BUGFIX: Dragging and dropping a folder from Explorer into Files to add box now works properly.



New in V5.1


Support for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and later
Added new command line processing to support shortcuts in the Send To folder



New in V5.0


Support for Windows 8, 7, XP and later
Portable install option to run without any changes to the system
Usability changes
Minor fixes and other compatibility changes
Online and printable PDF manual


This page is part of the user manual for CAM UnZip, a free, easy to use ZIP software utility from CAM Development