Licensing Information

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For Personal (Single User) Use


CAM UnZip is distributed as freeware for personal use.  You may use it for your own personal use free of charge.  If you find CAM UnZip useful we ask that you make a personal purchase. To find out more please visit:



For all other use, including Business, Educational and Non-Profit


CAM UnZip must be licensed.  For licensing options please visit:



When you purchase (personal or commercial) you can request a license key that has the following benefits:


Removes the Special Offers box.


Enables the Self Extracting Archive (Make SFX) button.


Displays your name or organization as a licensed user in the Status Bar.



Please see the included LICENSE.RTF file for the complete license agreement.

This page is part of the user manual for CAM UnZip, a free, easy to use ZIP software utility from CAM Development